Searching for the new scent of Formosa

Scent creates and evokes memory. Memories may deceive us, but scent does not lie.

In the film “Scent of a Woman”, the blind Lieutenant Colonel portrayed by Al Pacino is able to distinguish height and eye color of women around him based solely on their perfume. “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” chronicles the life of a man obsessed with scent. His fanatical pursuit of the mystery of scent is a journey into the darkness of human nature.

Scents is unseen and imperceptible, yet deeply personal.

2017s “Searching for the new scent of Formosa” invites you to capture and depict the essence of Taiwan on film, inspired by a scent unique to your life experiences.


Grand Prize│$10,000 USD & $6,000 NT Escents Voucher (1 winner)

Nomination Prize│$1,000 USD & $6,000 NT Escents Voucher (9 winners)

Popularity Prize│$10,000 NT Escents Voucher (3 winners)


  • All winning and nominated films will be played during our online film exhibition- “Searching for the new scent of Formosa” in December.
  • Taxes will be deducted from prizes according to regulations stipulated by R.O.C. Ministry of Finance

Online voting for Popularity Prize

Dates│Between November 3rd, 2017 18:00pm and November 16th, 2017 18:00pm

Winner Announcements│November 17th, 2017 21:00pm

Voting Rewards│Online voters are eligible to enter into raffle for participation rewards.

  1. Escents Aroma Diffuser & Ocean Scent Set ($6560 NT value) (1 winner)
  2. Escents Classic Relaxation Gift Set ($2380 value) (1 winner)
  3. Escents Reed Diffuser ($1880 value) (3 winners)


  1. No age or qualification restrictions
  2. No genre or topic restrictions, but film plot should relate to “Taiwan” and “Scent”
  3. Group and individual applications accepted. Each person/group should submit one piece of work.
  4. Applicants should register online at and provide a link to their film submission (uploaded to Youtube).
  5. Work can be edited and revised up until November 31st, 2017 23:59pm. The final version will be evaluated for the contest.

Film Specifications

Length│over 5 minutes

Music Copyright│Background music used in the film should be either

  1. Privately created: Please indicate name of composer and music.
  2. Authorized for usage from CC sites: Creative Commons, / Common Content,
  3. Other legally authorized music.

Film Format│

  1. Film Resolution: Above 1920×1080i.
  2. Filename: “2017 Escents Searching for the new scent of Formosa _The scent of Formosa movie contest_(film name).” e.g. “2017 Escents Searching for the new scent of Formosa _The scent of Formosa_ movie contest _The Song of scent.”

Genre│No restrictions – drama, animation, documentary, music video, etc. accepted

Subtitles│Chinese and English needed

Film Stills│At least 3 horizontal stills should be attached to each submission (over 3300×3300 pixels or 10M pixels)


  1. Application method: Read the competition rules carefully, films uncompliant with standard will be considered ineligible.
  2. Violations of intellectual property are not allowed. Awards will be revoked if violations are discovered and verified; violators are responsible for any additional legal responsibility.
  3. After application deadline, applicants may not withdraw or change their submissions. Organizer will archive all participating submissions, and winning submission will be collected in archive.
  4. Organizer reserves the right to play all film submissions publicly in any format or venue without further compensation.
  5. Organizer will inform each winner individually. Please fill in correct contact information, as prizes are forfeit if winner cannot be contacted.
  6. Organizer reserves the right to revise, modify, explain, or delete any contest rules. Other details will be announced on website.

Application Form

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